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Weekend Wrap-Up

This was a pretty intrguing weekend of sports. You had some great baseball with a Phil Humber perfect game to more Yanks-Red Sox history and to finish the weekend there was the Return of “Ron Artest” aka Metta World Peace.

In itself it had a little bit of everything not to mention it held us off for the NFL Draft, which is now 3 Days Away.

Overall for the weekend remember in Baseball its all about Yanks-Red Sox with a team on the Rise in DC

Basketball is everybody run Artest returns exemplifying an easy how to guide of how every pro should not act

Draft, Deciding Game 7s, and Start of NBA Playoffs is next


Hello Future Re…

Hello Future Readers,

All about sports is exactly what it says on this blog there will be an innovative look at sports from all angles.

I welcome everyone to follow and we can talk about whatever; I plan to talk about any and everything all year round no sport is off limits

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