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Free Agency Frenzy

The NBA has been nutty the past couple days. Nets trying to become a BIG 3(D-Will, Joe Johnson, and…D-Howard??) for the BIG New Arena and New Team they are going to in Brooklyn. We have seen bridges burned with Kidd fleeing to New York and probably the most shocking move with Steve Nash becoming a Laker. Youve got a PG roulette wheel going on with Kyle Lowry to Raptors, Dragic to Suns, and potentially Lin to Rockets. How bout those MAvericks who were suppose to get D-Will and Howard are now left out with having Ramon Sessions being their “big” move as they also left Jason Terry go to Celtics. Mark Cuban has to be sick to his stoamch as he left Chandler and Barea go for this big offseason. Even teams like Clippers are trying to become associated with success signing back Billups and getting Jamal Crawford and Lamar Odom. Finally the NBA Champs are on verge of getting Ray Allen to add to their old fort of role players.

Wrapping it up their have been so many moves and talk with a lot of this coming out from nowhere as we are still looking forward to see where Howard lands as he continues to try to push himself to Brooklyn.

FAs Left: OJ Mayo, Sessions, Ray Allen, Ray Felton, JR Smith, Louis Williams, Nick Young

Others FAs Signed: Beasley-Suns, Fields-Raptors, Hibbert-Blazers(Pacers chance to match), Brandon Roy- T-Wolves, Batum-T-Wolves(Blazers chance to match), Eric Gordon-Suns(Hornets chance to match)



So Has The Coronation Settled In?

LeBron has done it and my hat goes off to me I have been a critic of him at times but this season he showed up game in and game out. He was on a mission and he completed it so congrats to him and the Miami Heat. The one thing I dont want to happen is for people to get carried away its 1 title this was the guy who was suppose to win multiple so lets see him get that done and become the greatest player we have ever seen because he is certainly on the way.

Conference Finals Heat vs Celtics

What a game it was last night, the Celtics brought out all the dogs and still were not able to get over the hump. Kudos to Rondo with the 1st ever 40+ point 10 assist game in Boston playoff history. Yes he played spectacular he did what Cousy, Bird, and Russell all didn’t and it still wasnt enough. And before everybody jumps on LBJ for that miss he played magnificient with his near triple-double and timely plays. It was a jumpshot that can be made BE HAPPY at least he took the shot this time instead of passing to Haslem, who by the way had a nice game to go along with Battier and Chalmers. D-Wade did what he had to scoring 8 points in OT and seemingly putting the nail in the coffin on the series. Unlike the Thunder series I think this one is over Boston will play formidable like they have for the past couple years but I know at least half of my Finals prediction will be right as the Heat will probably win in 5 with the Celtics getting Game 3. They just dont have enough anymore to get them over the hump as Game 2 looked like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Conference Finals Spurs vs. Thunder

So my Thunder prediction isn’t looking so hot right now but its onyl 2 games so no panic. I will say being a person who roots for the Thunder I am considerably discouraged because their BIG 3 scored 88 points the 2nd most ever by a trio in NBA Playoff History and they lost. When that happens it almost seems as though theyd be a guarantee win but no because the Spurs once again put on a clinic with ball movement and phenomenal shooting. 2 ways the Thunder can get back in this series first bench Perkins he a fish out of water against this finesse type Offense of the Spurs he just can not keep up. 2nd Russell Westbrook must be more efficient if you shoot 25 times you need at least 10 FT attempts because Harden and Durant were a combined 20 for 30 from  the field and got to line 10+ times each while Westbrook was 10 for 25 from the field and only shot 5 FTs pass them the ball more they could have both went for 40 as effecient as they were. They get to the line…Russell must do the same.

NBA Playoffs

So what a playoffs its been thus far, Rose Injured, Has Kobe Lost It?, and the Relaization of who Lebron is.

These playoffs have been intriguing, OKC is trying ot break through but the Spurs dont want to let them with their 12 Man Deep Rotation with shooters galore they have been the two most consistent teams with a combined 11-0 record.

Can Kobe still do it? A couple of big miscues last night and hes only averaging around 24 ppg. His age may finally be setting in as it is in question if he can continue to close. I believe he can but it has started to get questioned they just got a tough draw wit OKC I think they would have beat the Spurs in a 2nd round matchup but OKC its not happening.

LBJ I’m not going to pick him apart like everyone else because he won the MVP 3 times in 4 years. I need everyone to realize he is not Kobe or MJ at the end of a game that is not his time just realize that he Plays 46 minutes then Wade has to handle the last 2. It is just not Lebron’s mindset…FACE IT he is the most talented palyer ever but without the mindset he wont be able to put it together.

With all that said still believe itll be OKC vs Miami as Heat win in 6 with some good Conference Finals matchups the Spurs and Celtics wont be able to overcome OKC or Miami.


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