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Free Agency Frenzy

The NBA has been nutty the past couple days. Nets trying to become a BIG 3(D-Will, Joe Johnson, and…D-Howard??) for the BIG New Arena and New Team they are going to in Brooklyn. We have seen bridges burned with Kidd fleeing to New York and probably the most shocking move with Steve Nash becoming a Laker. Youve got a PG roulette wheel going on with Kyle Lowry to Raptors, Dragic to Suns, and potentially Lin to Rockets. How bout those MAvericks who were suppose to get D-Will and Howard are now left out with having Ramon Sessions being their “big” move as they also left Jason Terry go to Celtics. Mark Cuban has to be sick to his stoamch as he left Chandler and Barea go for this big offseason. Even teams like Clippers are trying to become associated with success signing back Billups and getting Jamal Crawford and Lamar Odom. Finally the NBA Champs are on verge of getting Ray Allen to add to their old fort of role players.

Wrapping it up their have been so many moves and talk with a lot of this coming out from nowhere as we are still looking forward to see where Howard lands as he continues to try to push himself to Brooklyn.

FAs Left: OJ Mayo, Sessions, Ray Allen, Ray Felton, JR Smith, Louis Williams, Nick Young

Others FAs Signed: Beasley-Suns, Fields-Raptors, Hibbert-Blazers(Pacers chance to match), Brandon Roy- T-Wolves, Batum-T-Wolves(Blazers chance to match), Eric Gordon-Suns(Hornets chance to match)



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