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Conference Finals Spurs vs. Thunder

So my Thunder prediction isn’t looking so hot right now but its onyl 2 games so no panic. I will say being a person who roots for the Thunder I am considerably discouraged because their BIG 3 scored 88 points the 2nd most ever by a trio in NBA Playoff History and they lost. When that happens it almost seems as though theyd be a guarantee win but no because the Spurs once again put on a clinic with ball movement and phenomenal shooting. 2 ways the Thunder can get back in this series first bench Perkins he a fish out of water against this finesse type Offense of the Spurs he just can not keep up. 2nd Russell Westbrook must be more efficient if you shoot 25 times you need at least 10 FT attempts because Harden and Durant were a combined 20 for 30 from  the field and got to line 10+ times each while Westbrook was 10 for 25 from the field and only shot 5 FTs pass them the ball more they could have both went for 40 as effecient as they were. They get to the line…Russell must do the same.


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