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NBA Playoffs

So what a playoffs its been thus far, Rose Injured, Has Kobe Lost It?, and the Relaization of who Lebron is.

These playoffs have been intriguing, OKC is trying ot break through but the Spurs dont want to let them with their 12 Man Deep Rotation with shooters galore they have been the two most consistent teams with a combined 11-0 record.

Can Kobe still do it? A couple of big miscues last night and hes only averaging around 24 ppg. His age may finally be setting in as it is in question if he can continue to close. I believe he can but it has started to get questioned they just got a tough draw wit OKC I think they would have beat the Spurs in a 2nd round matchup but OKC its not happening.

LBJ I’m not going to pick him apart like everyone else because he won the MVP 3 times in 4 years. I need everyone to realize he is not Kobe or MJ at the end of a game that is not his time just realize that he Plays 46 minutes then Wade has to handle the last 2. It is just not Lebron’s mindset…FACE IT he is the most talented palyer ever but without the mindset he wont be able to put it together.

With all that said still believe itll be OKC vs Miami as Heat win in 6 with some good Conference Finals matchups the Spurs and Celtics wont be able to overcome OKC or Miami.



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